Revered Australian instrumental trio The Necks announce the release of their 21st album Three and a massive Australian tour in February, that includes performances at the Sydney Opera House, Perth International Arts Festival and MONA, as well as The Street Theatre in Canberra, Corner Hotel in Melbourne and gigs in Adelaide, Cairns and Brisbane. Last year the experimental trio were the first band to receive the Richard Gill Award for Distinguished Services to Australian Music at the annual Art Music Awards in Sydney. In an achievement-rich 2019, they also were awarded the National Live Music Award for Best Jazz Act, appeared on releases by US post-punk drone act Swans and UK electronic duo Underworld, performed a double bill with the Art Ensemble of Chicago, toured Australia, and toured Europe twice, including a sensational performance 135 metres underground in a salt mine in Poland, where conductor Ilan Volkov had the Sinfonietta Cracovia orchestra improvising wild splashes of tone colour behind The Necks' own excursions. For 31 years The Necks have been mesmerising fans live and on record with their unique brand of slow-burn alchemy. Masters of their own musical language of long-form improvisation, each night they step onto the stage not knowing what they will play - they and the audience will go on a sonic journey that is created in the moment and in that room. The almost telepathic rapport between Chris Abrahams (piano), Lloyd Swanton (bass) and Tony Buck (drums/percussion) creates '.one of the greatest musical experiences currently available on the planet.' (The New York Times). Unlike the sustained improvisations that are their live performances, The Necks' studio albums take shape by way of intricate crafting throughout the entire recording and mixiNg process. Their 21st album Three comprises three contrasting tracks, all a little over 20 mins, each drawing on three different aspects of The Necks' soundworld, revisiting a format they used on their ARIA Award-winning 2006 album Chemist. "The first track Bloom is intense, dense and chattering," says bassist Lloyd Swanton of the new album Three. "The second track Lovelock is dedicated to the memory of Damien Lovelock and is still, spare and weightless. The final track Further is a groove in five meter that conjures an earlier Necks aesthetic. A friend described Further as the love-child of Sex and Aquatic." Three will be released 3 February, 2020 in Australia, and was engineered by Tim Whitten. Three was recorded at Studios 301 Sydney, mixed at Forbes St Sydney, and mastered in Berlin by Doug Henderson. The Necks tour Australia throughout February before embarking on a US tour.


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